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Get Ready To Cook

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Preserving the traditions of food and its cultural heritage is an important aspect of life the world across.

We know there are food products associated with African & Caribbean Culture, history and traditions (of their respective local areas), many at risk of disappearing in modern society; we hope that The Get Ready To Cook book will put many of these dishes back at the forefront of cooking. The Get Ready To Cook incentive and cookbook aims to raise awareness and preserve these traditions, encouraging local people to become ambassadors for their cultural cuisine and pass on the food knowledge handed down to them generations ago.

What we're about 

We're about celebrating traditions and heritage that are irreplaceable and fast diminishing within the modern world, amidst the direction fast food and convenient food is taking.  


Anyone can take part in the Get Ready To Cook incentive without being an expert and without having any special qualifications, irrespective of skill level, age, and nationality. We encourage participants to find hidden traditional foods by talking with their elders, shopkeepers, or directly with suppliers and producers. 

We are looking for traditional recipes and dishes that reflect the cultural diversity of food in the UK with ingredients from The Caribbean and across the globe. Many of the recipes will be turned into cookbooks to share a lasting legacy and support the continued and developing face of UK cooking from recipes that have strong cultural traditions and historic connections.


Why We Cook would also like to offer group members affordable, quick and easy methods of cooking stemmed from cultural traditions but time-saving and economical for families in the modern world. We will also be providing tips on how to go from being a home cook to starting a cooking business with advice from guest cooks/speakers and professionals from the cooking industry - this will be found on our Facebook page. 


And will include things like:

  •   Cooking great meals on a budget

  •   Preparing food for minimum effort cooking

  •   Getting kids to eat more healthy

  •   Being more adventurous with food

  •   Measuring ingredients 

  •   How to plan and prep for cooking online

  •   How to photograph food for impact 

How you can get involved in our cookbook.


Download a page layout template and instructions on how to participate in Get Ready To Cook


Connect with us on facebook for tips and advice on getting the best out of your cooking


Email us your recipe and text and we'll create your book page and help you promote your dish.

We have three pre-designed templates for you to choose from, each offering a different page layout and choose of how and how many images you choose to input to the page there are also word counts to help you keep your information to the required field ensuring no page overlap or the book publishers having to remove any of your text. T


Once you have downloaded your template you can then join a new online community aimed at supporting and offering guidance and tips to those new to cooking for publications. In this community, you can find the answer to most of your questions and we will also introduce guests from the food industry to help.


After you've chosen your template and obtained the advice and support you need to get your dish from creation to publication all that's left to do is the fun and delightful part of creating your dish take pictures of it in accordance to your page layout and email the images and all the information required.

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